Enabling Task Tracking and Assignment

Cloud migrations aren’t just a solo activity. It’s a big job that requires coordination across your organization. Using Tidal’s Task integration with Jira, we enable you to tie your cloud migration tasks to resources within Tidal. This helps teams track what tasks are assigned to which resources and where your project overall stands in it’s migration.

Enabling Jira

Before we can pull in data from Jira, we need you to authorize Tidal. From within Tidal Accelerator:

  1. Select Integration Sync under the Discovery Tool’s menu section

  2. Scroll down until you see the Jira section and click on “Enable Integration”

  3. Follow Jira’s steps to give Tidal read access to your Jira account

  4. Finally, if everything has gone according to plan, you should be taken back to the integrations page on Tidal Accelerator. You should also see a date stamp, confirming when you enabled the integration within the Jira section of the page.

Congratulations! We’ll start syncing in boards and task cards into our projects, and within a couple of minutes you’ll be able to start assigning boards to projects.

It’s important to note that we envision that one or more Jira Projects can map to a project in our system and that once you have attached a Jira Project to a Tidal Project you can you start associating tasks to Tidal Resources (Migration Waves, Applications, Servers, Database Instances). The tasks that you’re able to assign to a Tidal resource are based off of what Tidal Project that resource is attached to.