Configure and use Tidal Tools on AWS

Using Tidal Tools

Tidal Tools is a command-line application. Such applications are also called CLI (command-line interface) applications. To operate it needs to be run from a terminal or command-line prompt. Connect to your Tidal Tools AWS virtual machine (VM) and run the following command (i.e type the text written with monospaced font and press Enter key):


The output from the above command should list all the available Tidal Tools subcommands. Running tidal help <subcommand> or tidal <subcommand> --help (change <subcommand> with the actual subcommand from the list) will show more information about that subcommand.

Some of the subcommands, for example tidal analyze web, work independently and immediately provide results. While some other subcommands, for example tidal analyze code, require access to the Tidal API.

To summarize,

  • Tidal Tools seamlessly integrates with the Tidal API and SaaS platform;
  • Tidal Tools can be used independently of the API for some features, while some features do require access to the API to be used;
  • Signing up and using the API is optional when using Tidal Tools.

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If you are having problems related to Tidal Tools, the following tips should help you getting things working.